Gainford Lunch Club

Where We Meet

Montalbo Hall, Gainford (See the venue)

When We Meet

Mondays between 11.30 and 14.00

Gainford Leader and Club Details

Tracey Turnbull has been the Club Leader since early 2019 and Barbara Thompson joined us as Chef in 2016.

Tracey provides lots of entertainment and very good trips and Barbara consistently produces a variety of delicious meals, catering for everyone's taste.

Mona one of our volunteers turned members  runs a monthly raffle and the monies raised go towards providing little extras for parties and celebrations.

News from Gainford Club

2018 Club Leader Report

We have had a busy year at Gainford this year - and are enjoying our refurbished meeting room at the Memorial Hall in Gainford. There is new access and a refreshing d├ęcor, which we all like. We wrote to thank the committee for all their hard work.

Our membership is stable although we always have room for a few more (either as members, volunteers or both!). We held an open day to attract more members and volunteers and we did get one new member, so we may try it again this year.

We travelled to Staindrop for a film show, which we really enjoyed, and several members said they would like to do it again. We also celebrated some milestone birthdays and wedding anniversaries, usually with cake and wine!
Our membership enjoys going out and trying different things so this year we have included another trip to Strikes Garden Centre at Northallerton - which was successful. Some of the members needed help getting their food but generally it was a lovely day; the food was good; the staff were friendly, and the shopping was great. It is amazing how many things there are to buy - that we did not know we needed! It is lovely for the members to have the chance to shop independently, at a different venue but knowing there is help if it is needed.

We also enjoyed meals at some local restaurant and pubs - we do not travel as far as we used to, but we are able to include everyone by putting on taxis as well as the coaches so that we can all get there. Woodham Golf Club provided us with another good day out - nice surroundings and good food.

Barbara has provided us with excellent food again this year, but for a short time Tracey covered for her and her food was also excellent and enjoyed by the members. We had a marvellous Christmas party and we also enjoyed the wonderful singing from the children at Gainford Primary School.

We have a very reliable small group of volunteers, without whom we could not function. We work as a team and their help makes my job a lot easier.
Thanks also to the staff in the office for their quiet and efficient support.

We look forward to a healthy and Happy New Year.

Carole Vayro (Club Leader to May 2019)